UI design • Visual design
UI design for the Startup NFTio, a Web app that sells top quality certified NFT's currently in the market.

Alessio Caminiti


Creative Director: Enrico Deiana
Designers: Enrico Deiana


The client asked for a Basic package for his startup which sells the best NFT's stocked in the market thanks to the AI.

He needed a Minimum Viable Product to show off his idea and impress investors during a Pitch, be noticed on Crowdfunding Platforms and last but not least, to test his idea with early adopters. The project included a simple user-flow with an animated splash screen, a unique onboarding screen and a user-friendly homepage listed with categories and collections.

The client requested an original online credit card for each user, the possibility for users to switch between default and grid layouts on the product list. I chose a minimal and polished look with 3d icons for the entire mobile app and also I created a product page that reflects the good UX guidelines during the purchasing process.

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