Sports Bros

UI design • Visual Identity • 3D
Sports Bros is a modern social media app that connects your crypto wallet to bet on Live matches with your friends.



Product designer: Enrico Deiana

3D artist: Mattia Mura


I've been working for a Premium iOS native app called Sports Bros, a startups born in New York, that brings cryptos into the betting world. This time I focused on the gamification experience where people can earn points while they bet on odds against other users all around the world, within a modern and pleasing mobile app that could push users to buy and use cryptos for bettings. The client asked for a unique and polished Tab bar to guide the users through an immersive experience, matched with bright and contrast colors all over the screens for Call to Actions. I built a design system with more than 5000 featured components and created a 3D environment where the product could stand alone, to show product screens all in one place.

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